shot + edited by Steven Howsley





  • How to overcome fears of public speaking

  • Why nervousness before a presentation can be a good thing

  • What it takes to actively engage any audience


After finding a passion for public speaking and storytelling through Toastmasters at the University of Oregon and winning the central division championship

(which covers all of central and southern Oregon)

at 22 years old, I dove headfirst into what it took to

become a great speaker.

Then, after watching countless videos

and reading hundreds of blogs+ books on how to make a great presence on stage- it is now my full-time job to travel around Oregon as a speaker and inspire the next generation of youth to learn the professional skills needed

to obtain leverage for their future.

Take away audience members will learn:

how to overcome fear and

re-direct nervousness

when giving presentations

tips and techniques to improve their public speaking skills

How to take

their listeners to the next level of active engagement


 Call to Action: Don't let public speaking and presentation skills keep you from dreaming bigger and holding you back from what you want to accomplish!